Membership is required to be part of the dancing fun. Membership entitles you to participate in any or all of the events in our Calendar.

All annual membership fees are to be paid up at the beginning of the fall term.

Be sure to check out our Refund policy before registering.

$30 Annual Membership (required)
$55 Fall Term Classes (Sept – Dec)
$55 Winter Term Classes (Jan – Apr)
$55 Challenge Class (Full Year: 2 times per month Sept – Apr)
$7 Drop-in Fee per class (for members only)

Options for Newcomers:

The year is divided into four sessions for Newcomers who want to try English Country dancing without committing to a full year.

Each session begins with an Open House that is free for newcomers. There are 5-7 classes per session, ending with a special dance event that is separately ticketed.

Cost is $40 per session. If a newcomer later decides to become a full member, the regular membership fees will be prorated.

Find the session schedule and list of events in our Calendar.

Find Registration Information.